Plan-Learn-ACT for NEET

Project Description:

The project “Plan Learn Act for NEET – PLAN” aims to mobilize experienced older generation / retired business people to act as Mentors to NEET youth. Mentors help youth to broaden their employment horizons for long-term capacity. Mentors contribute by sharing their professional experiences and become active by working with youth.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • train educators and youth workers on how to work with NEET
  • develop activities for digital skills in an informal and non-formal context
  • develop a sustainable model to facilitate the uptake of new jobs in the sector of entrepreneurship
  • foster youth entrepreneurship

The activities of the project are:

  • Training event in Italy by ARIS Formazione e ricerca
  • Online interactive website by CCIF Cyprus
  • Mobile application – CCIF Cyprus, Petit Pas
  • QR code generator - Petit Pas
  • "PLAN Cluster" – EDInet
  • EU Network of Mentors - NEET ALLIANCES – ARIS Formazione e ricerca
  • VIDEO stories and testimonials - Mentors and NEET
  • VIDEO, NETWORK - one Youth worker and one NEET from each partner
  • Practical advices and suggestions HAND OUTS – EDINet
  • MENTORS-NEET working for the community -HAND OUTS - EDINet

Project Information:

Project FB:

Project site:

Project Mobile app:

  • Funding source: Erasmus+ KA2
  • Project Title: PLAN LEARN ACT FOR NEET
  • Project acronym: PLAN
  • Project Code: 2017-2-CY02-KA205-001033
  • The duration: 20 months (1.9.17-3.5.19)

Project Consortium:

Coordinator: Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus

Project Partners:

  • EdiNet Scotland
  • Aris Formazione e Ricerca Italy
  • Petit Pas Italy
  • INGEFIEX Spain
  • G.O.D. Bulgaria​